Free Usability Test Project

Why This Project

  1. Make usability testing accessible to all. (I charge companies $5,000 – $10,000 for a single test.)
  2. Expose more people to the power of usability testing.
  3. Push me professionally. (Personal goal of 1000 tests in a year!)

What You Get

  1. 5 hours of video showing real users doing real-world tasks on your site/app. (Priceless user data.)
  2. A thorough summary document detailing recommended changes.
  3. Confidence that 85% of user issues have been unearthed before launch.

Getting Started Checklist

Before you start you’ll need the following:

  1. The URL I can use to test your site/app.
  2. 5 email addresses of people who represent your average user. (You’ll need their permission to give me that info.)
  3. An idea of the 10 most common and/or most important tasks users do on your site/app.
Set up your test